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​​​​​​​​​​​New Client Get Started:


(see where & how to send below**):

As required by the IRS, we must confirm your identity, your spouse's identity and your dependent's identities.  

For you and your spouse:

Photo Id - Can be Drivers License, State issued ID or Passport.


Copy of Utility bill, phone bill or other bill showing name and address.​

For Dependents, a copy of birth certificate or social security card. 

      1) Complete copy of your 2018 Individual Tax Return.  A PDF copy works  great if you have one.

      2) Dates of Birth for you, your spouse and any other dependents.

      3) Full name, date of birth and social security number for any new             dependent(s)(those not showing on your 2018 return).


      4) Use this checklist to assist you in gathering your 2019

information to send to us.   

       5) Don't hesitate to call or email us with any questions. 

How we do it:

1) When we get your information and documents we start preparing your return. 

2) We then contact you if we have questions.

3) Then we complete your return(s) and email you a copy for your review. Included with the return is an IRS Form 8879. This form must be signed, dated and returned to us.

4) After we receive the Form 8879, we will email you our invoice.  The email contains a link to click on to pay with credit, debit or paypal.

5) Once we receive payment we transmit your return to IRS and to your state if applicable.  We will give you our best estimate as to when you will receive your refunds.

Existing Clients:

If we prepared your 2018 Tax Return go directly to the Tax Prep Checklist. Use the Checklist to remind you what we need. Call or email us if you have questions. When in doubt it's always best to "send it" just to be safe. As always, you can scan-email, fax or snail mail us your information.

Our Fees

Where to Send/Contact Info:

  • Email documents to sandy@barbertaxpreparation.com
  • Fax documents to 980-225-0600
  • Snail mail, UPS or FedEx documents to: Sanford Barber, LLC

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